happy new years lovely friends! hope this 2011 brings you to a better perspective in life. as for me, i have my own wishlist.

#1 to work hard so that i can score dean's list this semester.
#2 to exercise hard or try any other possible ways ;p to reduce my weight.
#3 to improve my spiritual deeds to god.
#4 to pass jpj's test for my car license. haha yeah i know u probably wonder why so late?
#5 to behaveeeee like a 20year old girl.pfft i'm no longer a teenager. T-T
#6 to sew my own baju kurung. the last time i sent to tailor she charged me rm75 for mini kurung. ARE YOU CRAAAZY?

i'll update this soon! hehe. have a blast on this new year!

wauw! sew your own baju kurung? rajinnyo mg nok blaja tem..

hahahahaha haruslah! aku g kls menjahit hoccay sem break baru ni. jgn xtaw. haha.

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