celebrating new year with pain

as we nearly reach the new year, i'm ending something i love all this while. i'm sorry on what i did. it's not supposed to be understood that way. thanks for everything. you've been a great friend and mate to me. let's just say, you're not there yet to understand me.
love is trust. if you don't have it, just find another.

Temy sayang sayang temmyy ! Whatever happen mesti ado hikmah dio kan? Temy jgn sedih deh? Nantiiiii kita ooyeah oyyeahhh ! Rindu temy. Wish this year will be your best year ever sayangku. Take care temy. Muahmuah lebiuuuuuu xoxo

didi :( temy rindu didi...huuuu becila gini.saloh pehe jah bena patu ayeh maroh maroh temy patu dyo g malu temy kat status dyo :(

didi rinduu temy jugak, nanti deh kito jupo. InsyaAllah temy, ada jodoh ado la tu. Bo sedih2, class doh key nanti. Be happy ! Muah ! :*

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