Rebranding. wohoo!
hello people. temy's back! haha idk how long i've been hibernating okay. seriously there's so many things to write but yeah. u know the laziness can rule anyone. as for the uitm students, this is the season for the final exam. wohoo! spell STRESS ppl!

i've been getting headache like crazy u know. then when i checked, i've already had a migraine. yeah bravo temy. and omg omg omgahhh. i'm too lazy to study. seriously like, why don't someone send me out of this course? not that i don't enjoy study the subject in this course. but it seems like i can't remember what i've read. oh btw i'm taking accountancy. very the pengaruh guru tak sebaya taw. i took the course because i've been influenced by my account teacher who everyday told us that we can get a lotttt of MONEY if we become an accountant. but as day pass by, i realized that it's not only money that can make me happy. i mean for god sake, i love make up, beauty and all that stuff so much. how can i love all the numbers? the statistics? the economy? and omg, the components of the computer? like very very very little thing in it and we have to know every single thing in the computer. HELLO? okay i've to go. yus drop by to use my lappy coz she didn't have the itunes in hers. btw she's just got her brand new ipod. JEALOUS. bubye!
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