#make up tips for dark skin tone
first of all, be prepare to read this verrrrry long entry i guess. i'm just helping a friend here who requested me to give her some tips for her since she has dark skin tone. so in this entry, i'll try my best to give my review on the best product for this kind of skin tone as well as who (celebrities) stunningly pull off these looks. :) and oh! there are some tips too.

beauty comes as much from the mind as from the eye- Gray Livingston.

sultry brown eyes by rihanna teamed with nude glossy lips.

innocent yet subtle look pull off by rihanna.
this can be wear for everyday look.

i believe her makeup artist blend brown and gray for eyes and to love to death, her matte pink lips.

who says dark skin tone can't wear bright colored eyeshadow?
add a pop of purple (or anything bright) to your eyes and you're good to go!
just remember to wear nude lippie.

jessica szohr who plays venessa in gossip girl.
looks delicious in her blue eyes and pale pink glossy lips.

kim kardashian fabulous eye drama.

see! ciara fresh make up proves that not only fair skin can pull off the look.
absolutely love this.

so, after all we'll see some tips specially for you.
young women can look garish with bright colored blush.opt for a sheer tinted blusher such pale pink for cuteness, or bronze for a sultry glowy effect.

for the first time, oil is your bestfriend! ;p of course excess oil is unforgiven but with the right amount of shine, it can effects you in glowing beautiful skin. or, if you have dry skin, just dust on a bit of shimmer where you think natural sunlight can hits you.

you can use nude lip gloss for supermodel effects. but remember, always line your lips with lipliner to define lips and also to cover dark lines around the area.

right shade of foundation and powder is crucial to get the gorgeous skin. if you fail this, you're no way to get the whole look perfect. in order to check what is the perfect shade for you, always apply a thin stroke on your cheeks. if the color dissolve into the skin, that's the one for you. never ever try on the back of your wrist. skin color on the area tends to be lighter than your face.

always,always,always prep your skin with moisturizer before applying foundation. even if you have oily skin, opt for oil-free moisturizer. this is to endure you have a smooth surface for makeup.

okay! enough for tips. here are my recommendations for products to be use.
( i use mostly drugstore products as i'm writing this as a student with yeah, low economic budget)

i always believe in the outstanding effect contact lenses can give to your eyes especially if you're asian. it captures light in your eyes and reflect it in photos.
you can wear any color but for natural looking eyes, choose gray or pure hazel. pure hazel does looks weird in the above pic however on black eyes, they looks amazing.
i love : freshlook contact lenses.

foundation can gives you glow on the dark skin. so it's so important before putting any powder.
i love: angelfit liquid foundation. the reason i love this is because my dark skin toned friend use this and it looks awesome on her. :)

set the foundation with this and you have good canvas to begin with.
i love : angelfit compact powder.
the same reason i love its foundation.

sparkling eyeshadow works wonder on your eyes. this adds drama to night look.
i love : maybelline hyper diamonds eyeshadow.

this is less sparkly and can be use on day look.
i love :maybelline eye studio diamond glow ( you can wear any colour. bright pops on the eyes while earth color glam you up)

mineralized blusher. opt for bronze for a sexy radiant.
i love : MAC mineralized blusher.

volumizing mascara. it's like a must have for you to accentuate your lashes.
i love : rimmel sexy curves mascara. omg i've been looking for this for a long time. pls inform me if you found this mascara thank you ;p

that's all i guess. as for lippie, you can choose from lipstick to lipgloss or lipstain. in doesn't matter. just be careful to select the right color. pale pink or nude peachy tones are my most of the time fav for dark skin tone. they pull off the look so well with these lippie. :(
and i don't. pfft.

so yeah, till here, bubye. hope this entry can gives you a bit of info on choosing the perfect look for you!



Thanks for the info! Very helpful. =)

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