Product review: December
Hello peeps! Lately, my skin has been getting dried out like it was squeezed out or something idk whyyyy it happens to be like that. And yeah that’s horrified me much coz I can see blotches and cracking here and there on my face when I apply foundation. It freaks me out so much since I had an oily skin before. Yeah. It’s crazy how skin can change their mind to whether to go oily or to go dry today. Hell. So I am sure to find my quick fix and I decided to try the Garnier Aqua Defense Essence which I really wanted to buy when it first came out, but I didn’t see the need to use it since I have oily skin should I change have to had? Haha. I don’t think I need any other moisture than my already there excess oil. Back then, my face was like urgh. Like you can scrap the oil and place it in a jar see whether you can use it to replace your car petrol. Yeah, it’s that much no I’m just kidding. Haha. And when I use the Clean&Clear oil blotters, the color changes from matte blue to transparent blue. You know what it means? I HAD THAT MUCH OIL. That much. So I always wonder how it’s like to have dry skin? Would it be better than oily skin? Well, I can answer it now. It’s more or less the same. To have dry skin, you feel like the skin is tugging and you started to feel itchy around your face. It’s soo terrible. So to quench my thirsty skin, I bought this.

Oh my god. This is unbelievable. It smoothens out the surface of my skin instantly and leaves a very delicate skin. No more cracks and skin peeled. I superlove the transparency of the essence it looks very promisingly hydrating. And I also love the feeling after I slap them on my face. It’s so cold and makes my skin plump. J I highly recommend this to you guys. It’s not sticky too since it’s an essence not a cream. Retail at RM17.90, Watsons.

Remember my post on the clearance sale in hypermarket near my house? I said I bought Revlon photoready foundation right? But as I reached home, I realized that the color was absolutely not my color I think it’s a bit dark for my skin. So I went to change the color and they offer me Revlon skin matching makeup instead. It’s a foundation actually. It works wonders than photoready! This is so my thang as I love sheer finishing. I don’t really like high pigmented foundation except for which I have to be in somewhat event or something. Other than that, I’ll just wear a light foundation for daily use. So this is it.

It’s a fluid that flows easily, unfortunately so it’s kinda messy to handle. Just be careful with it so it doesn’t spill. Just place pea sized of the skin matching makeup onto your forehead, cheeks, nose and chin. Blend it with your finger gently until it blends with your skin. Oh I forget to mention this! It’s a white fluid with very tiny microbeads , purplish in color in the beginning but somehow when you kinda work it in a circular motion to blend it onto the skin, the exact skin color comes out and blends nicely. Amazing! I’ll show you how it works here.

the part where it dissolves is where the color match your skin.

So yeah. That’s it. Retail at 60something maybe I got this at RM25 on clearance sale that day. ;p

I also bought this lipstick which I personally doesn’t like it that much in the beginning. It happens that I bought it because the promoter offers me to try natural color lippie and he ohmygod should I say she? coz she’s actually a male trying to be a female. Whatever so she he suggest me Revlon colorstay lipstick in #natural cashmere. This is the lippie.

Honestly, I don’t like the smell of this lippie but the smell actually gone after awhile so nothing to afraid of. It’s probably just me. The texture turns out to be creamy when first applied but soon after, it changes to matte. Which, I superduperlove coz I don’t like creamy lipstick. And yes. It’s very natural plus looks like second skin to my lips. I don’t really like the color at first as I think it’s probably too nude for me. Then I watched this video she’s nieseea25 from Poland.

Isn’t she gorgeous? Although I don’t understand any of those words. ;) but hey, the dush ( I think dush means hello or something) is really cute.

So that’s all I guess the products I’d like to review for December and that makes it the product review for 2010. See you in 2011! Bye!


Just like you I'm also struggling of having an oily skin. I tried countless products but nothing suites me or I just simply do it on the wrong way. I guess I have to try this one, hopefully it might help me...;D

hope so.goodluck! :)

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