# natural makeup tutorial.
hello guys! as promised, i'll do a tutorial on how to use eyeshadow (refer to previous entry) to create natural look. pair it with red lips for glamorous feel, or match it with pale pink for old glam hollywood. to look fresh and dewy, just slap on your lip stain and you're good to go! :) and oh. that's what i wear here:

silkygirl blockbuster color palette in bare classics
silkygirl double intense eyeliner in pure black
elianto extreme volumiser emulsion mascara in black
the bodyshop lips & cheek stain
random blusher. ;p

first thing first. wear your foundation and do cover your spots with concealer. but if spots are your thangggg just go on with it.sexay what.fjkthwvm. we have photoshop. ;p
p/s: i photoshoped all my pics :D

bare faced-temy :)

apply lightest shade on your lids. put some in tearduct too to create bright eyed effect.

check for your crease. locate where the eyelids fold, that's where you're going to apply dark shade.

hihi that's mine. so apply the dark shade eyeshadow THERE.
ouh! don't forger to blend the colors well so that it doesn't look to harsh or edgy.

apply darkest brown to 3/4 of your lower lashline.

winged your eyeliner :)

lastly, coat your eyelashes with black mascara. smile and put on your blush.
wear your gorgeous shade of lippie and tadaa!

good luck!

hehehe temy tomey dah makeup ponn lawaaa
aww awww :))

nway you should try maybelline minerals BB cream dan agak best digunakann :D

temy tra dh aritu yana kat guardian.tbo2 muko temy jd klabu.tu temy tuka beli eyeshadow tu.niat mulo nk beli bb maybelline.hehe.ko mulo2 jah dyo gtu? lorat etep time tu

i can practice this at home yayyy :D

hahaha what the la u. eh lama sgt la xnmpk you.. how's life?

like like!!
temy kasi la tips nk make up mata utk org2 yg kening tebal nieeeee..ssh nk apply makeup, nnti jadi cm burung hantu..uduh..hehe..deh2?

hei..u;re so cute..m new visit m k lil sis..

syeera: alolo okay anything fer you. but bushy brow is sooo in right now. hehee.

epahblossom: tq deary :D i've followed youuu :)

ahahahaa kelabu?
temy apply banyak sngat kot?
kadang2 bb cream kalu pakai banyak meme napok kelabu.

heee.tera pakai sikit pulak.tgk kelabu dop.kalu kelabu jugak maybe tak sesuai la tu temy :)
takoe kulit temy lawa dah :D

hahahhaa.jange ngarut yana! ho temy pka bnyop.hehehe.kalut key.(pah blo temy xkalut?haha) ok nati temy tera pulop.

yeay!! beauty tutorial..sukeeee! :))

hahaha takpo.yana pehe.yana pon spesies kalut jugak

tera pulop temy.paka dale amount sikit hehe.

eh skincare temy guno gapo yee?

syeera love: pls jgn sweet sgt nti temy kenyek sbb geram.hahaha

yana love: temy guna shurah SAHAJA. tp complete set lah. kalu pka secara teratur, kulit jd licin. hihihi.muroh pom muroh

iyo eh.sebab serasi dengan kulit dah dih :D
tak perlu guna mahal2 kalih.

loni sero genya nak ko clinique.tapi gak mahal la kakah tuuu -.-


dok -_-" hahahahaha in fact kalu xmakeup muko stil napop bitit meroh.xtau bakpo.huuuu.

bitit meroh?nyamuk kekoh ko temy ? -.-

hahahaha dok.parut jerawat T_T

samolaaaaa ado jugak tp bitit dio kelabu asappp bukey meroh ohhh temyyyy T____T

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